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A collection of self-guided learning journeys to help you with your ongoing professional development.

Welcome. Here you will find a collection of potential learning journeys that you may wish to consider as part of your own professional development. These pathways are generally aligned to role-based certification and have been designed as a left-to-right journey that starts with the fundamentals; then builds on this foundational knowledge before leading you through role-based training/certification and beyond. Look out for the Learning Companions which provides additional resources for a particular solution (e.g., Synapse Analytics, GitHub and Sentinel) and are attached to the main pathways most closely aligned to that solution and certification (Data Engineer, DevOps, etc).
I hope that you find these a useful starting point as you embark on your own learning journey.

Paul Griffiths
Public Sector Skills Lead
Microsoft UK

This material was prepared in a personal capacity. The opinions expressed in these pathways and other documents are the author’s own and do not reflect the view of Microsoft or any other organisation.

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Learning Pathways

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