Azure for AWS Professionals

Like AWS, Microsoft Azure builds on a core set of compute, storage, database, and networking services. In many cases, the platforms offer similar products and services. For example, both AWS and Azure can use Linux distributions and open-source software (OSS) technologies. Both platforms support building highly available solutions on Windows or Linux hosts.

While the capabilities of both platforms are similar, the resources that provide those capabilities are often organized differently. Azure and AWS built their capabilities independently over time, so the platforms have important implementation and design differences. Exact one-to-one correspondences between the services that you need to build a solution aren’t always clear.

Given the above, there is an element of familarisation/translation that is required for IT professionals (in this case, Architects, Developers or SysOps/Admins) that are looking to cross-skill into Azure. Perhaps your organization has adopted a multi-cloud strategy or is looking to migrate from AWS to Azure where the ability to apply your skills in Azure is now important.

For these scenarios, it gives me pleasure to announce three new self-directed learning pathways aimed at AWS Architects, Developers or SysOps that, for whatever reason, are looking to understand how to work with Azure.

All three pathways follow a similar structure – starting with a basic comparison/translation on some of the key differences before then moving into the standard certification curriculum that Microsoft recommends for each of these roles. In the case of SysOps/Admin this includes an optional Azure Network Engineer certification for those that are interested. For Solution Architect, Azure Administrator is included as this is a pre-requisite for the certification.

You can download these from the home page – I hope you find them useful but any comments or suggestions for improvement please do add below.

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